Queen Elizabeth

Earl of Leicester

Earl of Sussex

Lord Hunsdon

Sir Anthony Brown

Sir Francis Drake

Sir Martin Frobisher

Cassimir, and other Ambassadors

Sir Thomas Gresham

John Gresham, his nephew

Hobson, a Haberdasher

Timothy, his man

John Goodfellow, a Pedlar

Sir Thomas Ramsey

Dr. Nowell, Dean of St. Paul's

Dr. Parry

Honesty and Quick


Lord Mayor, Sheriffs, Sword-bearer, etc.


Duke of Medina; Don Pedro; John Martinus Ricaldus and other Spaniards

Lady Ramsey

French Courtesan

Factors; Apprentices; Merchant; Jeweller; Interpreter; Pursuivant; Mariner; Workmen; Boy; Waits; Girl; Lords; Courtiers; Creditors; Posts; etc.

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