Sir John Newton

Born: c. 1350

Norwich, Norfolk, England

Died: Summer 1414 (Age c. 64)

Newton in History

There is not much to be said about the life of John Newton. He received his BA (1375) and doctorate (1379), most likely from Cambridge, in civil law and went on to become a prestigious and well-established lawyer. Newton's primary and most influential patron was Thomas Arundel, successively bishop of Ely and Archbishop of York and, finally, Canterbury. When Arundel was translated to the archbishopric of Canterbury, Newton remained in York where he continued to serve its archbishops, including Richard Scrope, who was executed for treason by King Henry IV (1405). Newton was also an ordained priest since 1380, showing his involvement in the ecclesiastical, as well as the secular, realm and was also used on occasion as a foreign diplomat. Finally, Newton was heavily involved with Cambridge University and was one of its biggest patrons during his life. He died in 1414.

Newton in Jack Straw

John Newton is a minor character in Jack Straw who is a loyal member of the king's party against the rebels.


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