King Henry V

Sir John Oldcastle, Lord Cobham

Harpoole, Servant to the Lord Cobham

Lord Herbert, with Gough his man

Lord Powis, with Owen and Davy his men

Mayor of Hereford

Sheriff of Herefordshire

Two Judges of Assize

Bishop of Rochester and Clun his Sumner

Sir John the Parson of Wrotham and Doll his Concubine

Duke of Suffolk

Earl of Huntington

Earl of Cambridge

Lord Scroop

Lord Grey

Chartres the French Agent

Sir Roger Acton

Sir Richard Lee

M. Bourn; M. Beverly; Murley, the brewer of Dunstable

M. Butler, Gentleman of the Privy Chamber

Lady Cobham

Lady Powis

Cromer, Sheriff of Kent

Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports

Lieutenant of the Tower

Mayor, Constable and Gaoler of St. Albans

A Kentish Constable and an Ale-man

Soldiers and old men begging

Dick and Tom, servants to Murley

An Irishman

An Host; Hostler; a Carrier and Kate

Bailiffs; Servants

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