Here is a list of definite, probable and possible souces for Sir Thomas More:

  •  The Union of the Two Noble and Illustre Famelies of Lancastre & Yorke by Edward Hall
  • Vita et Illustre Martyrium Thomae Mori, Angliae Quondam Supremi Cancellarii by Thomas Stapleton
  • The Lyfe of Syr Thomas More, Sometymes Lord Chancellor of England by Ro: Ba:
  • The Lyfe of Sir Thomas Moore, knighte by William Roper
  • The life and death of S' Thomas Moore, knight, sometymes Lord high Chancellor of England by Nicholas Harpsfield
  • Actes and Monuments of matters most speciall and memorable by John Foxe
  • The Desobedient Child by Thomas Ingelend
  • Lusty Juventus by Richard Wever
  • Certen brief notes apperteyning to Bushope Fisher ("The Rastell Fragments") by William Rastell
For further information, see: Metz, G. Harold, ed. Sources of Four Plays Ascribed to Shakespeare. Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 1989.
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