King Henry VII

Lord Dawbney; Sir William Stanley; Earl of Oxford; Earl of Surrey; Richard Fox, Bishop of Durham, Counselors to King Henry

Urswick, chaplain to King Henry

Sir Robert Clifford

Lambert Simnel

Hialas, a Spanish agent

Constable; Officers; Servingmen; Soldiers

James IV, King of Scotland

Earl of Huntly; Earl of Crawford, counselors to King James

Lord Daliell

Marchmount, a herald

Perkin Warbeck; Frion, his secretary; John a Water, Mayor of Cork; Heron, a mercer; Sketon, a tailor; Astley, a scrivener

Lady Katherine Gordon, wife to Perkin; Countess of Crawford; Jane Douglas, Lady Katherine's maid

A Post, serving King Henry; A Servant, attending Katherine

Executioner; Masquers; Herald; Sheriff; Attendants

Scene: The Continent of Great Britain

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