Thomas of Woodstock, Duke of Gloucester, Lord Protector

John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster

Edmund of Langley, Duke of York

Earl of Arundel, Lord Admiral of England

Earl of Surrey

Sir Thomas Cheney

Lord Mayor Exton

King Richard II, King of England, son of the Black Prince and grandson of Edward III

Favorites of the king: Sir Henry Greene; Sir Edward Bagot; Sir William Bushy; Sir Thomas Scroop

Sir Robert Tresilian, a lawyer, subsequently Lord Chief Justice of England

Nimble, his man

A Servant to Tresilian

Tresilian's law officers: Crosby; Fleming

Master Ignorance, the Baily of Dunstable

A farmer; a butcher; Cowtail, a grazier; a Schoolmaster; a Serving-man; a Whistler; a Servant at Plashy House; a Courtier

Cynthia, prologue to the masque

The Shrieve of Kent

The Shrieve of Northumberland

Lapoole, Governor of Calais

Ghost of the Black Prince; Ghost of King Edward III

1st Murderer; 2nd Murderer

Soldiers of the Calais garrison

Anne O' Beame (Anne of Bohemia), Queen of England

Duchess of Gloucester, wife to Thomas of Woodstock

Duchess of Ireland, wife of the deceased Robert de Vere, the King's former favorite

A Maid-in-waiting to the queen

Courtiers, Masquers, Officers, Gentlemen, Servants, Maids, Soldiers, Archers

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