The Court: 

King Edward II

Queen Isabella 

Prince Edward, later King Edward III 

Edmund Earl of Kent, brother to King Edward II

The Nobles:

Mortimer Senior

Mortimer Junior, his nephew

Earl of Lancaster

Guy Earl of Warwick

Earl of Pembroke

Earl of Arundel

Earl of Leicester

Sir Thomas Berkeley

Followers of the king:


Spencer Senior

Spencer Junior

Margaret de Clare, the king's niece


Beaumont, the clerk of the crown

A Champion

The Church:

Bishop of Coventry

Archbishop of Canterbury

Bishop of Winchester

An Abbot; Monks


Sir William Trussell; Matrevis; Gurney; Three Poor Men; A Messanger; Two Landies-in-Waiting; James; A Horseboy; Levune; A Herald; Sir John of Hainault; Rice ap Howell; the Mayor of Bristol; A Mower; Lightborne; Lords; Soldiers; Guards; Attendants

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