King Edward III

Queen Philippa

Edward Prince of Wales

Earl of Salisbury

Countess of Salisbury

Earl of Warwick, her father

Sir William Montague, Salisbury's nephew

Earl of Derby

Lord Audley

Lord Percy

John Copland, an esquire, later Sir John Copland

Lodowick, King Edward's secretary

Two Esquires

A Herald

Robert, Count of Artois and Earl of Richmond

Lord Mountford, Duke of Brittany

Gobin de Grace, a French prisoner

King John II

Prince Charles, Duke of Normandy, his oldest son

Prince Philip, his youngest son

Duke of Lorraine

Villiers, a Norman Lord

The Captain of Calais

Another Captain

A Mariner

Three Heralds

Two Citizens from Crecy

Three other Frenchmen

A Woman with two children

Six wealthy citizens

Six poor Frenchmen

King of Bohemia

A Polonian Captain

Danish troops

King David, Bruce of Scotland

Sir William Douglas

Two Messengers

Lords, Attendants, Officers, Soldiers, Citizens, Servants, etc.

Setting: England and France
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