King Edward IV

Queen Elizabeth

The Duchess of York, the King's mother

John, Lord Howard

Sir Thomas Sellinger

Thomas Neville, the Bastard Falconbridge

Ned Spicing; Smoke; Chub

John Crosby, Lord Mayor of London

Thomas Urswick, the Recorder of London

Ralph Josselyn

Matthew Shore, a goldsmith

Jane Shore, his wife, later mistress to the King

A Miller

John Hobs, the tanner of Tamworth

Nell, his daughter

Dudgeon, his man

Sir Harry Morton, the Vice Admiral

The Captain of the Isle of Wight

Sir Humphrey Bowes; Master Aston; Harry Grudgen; Robert Goodfellow; Master Hadland; Mistress Blage; The Master of St. Katherine's; Widow Norton; Thomas Aire; Master Palmer; Master Rufford; Jockie

Apprentices; Huntsmen; Messenger; Watermen; Executioner

Scene: England

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