King Henry V

Duke of Gloucester, brother to the king

Duke of Bedford, brother to the king

Duke of Exeter, uncle to the king

Duke of York, cousin to the king

Earls of Salisbury, Westmorland, Warwick, and Cambridge

Archbishop of Canterbury

Bishop of Ely

Lord Scroop

Sir Thomas Grey

Sir Thomas Erphingham

Gower, Fluellen, Macmorris, Jamy, English officers

John Bates, Alexander Court, Michael Williams, English soldiers

Pistol, Nym, Bardolph


An English Herald

Charles the Sixth, King of France

Lewis, the Dauphin

Dukes of Burgundy, Orleans, Bourbon, and Britaine

The Constable of France

Rambures, Grandpre, French lords

Governor of Harfleur

Montjoy, a French herald

Ambassadors to King Henry

Isabel, Queen of France

Katherine, daughter of the French king and queen

Alice, an attendant to Katherine

Hostess Quickly of an Eastcheap tavern, wife to Pistol

Lords, Ladies, Officers, Soldiers, Citizens, Messengers, and Attendants

Scene: England and France

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