King Henry VI

John of Lancaster, Duke of Bedford

Humphrey of Lancaster, Duke of Gloucester

Thomas Beaufort, Duke of Exeter

Henry Beaufort, Bishop (later Cardinal) of Winchester

Edmund Beaufort, Duke of Somerset

Richard Plantagenet, son of Richard, late Earl of Cambridge

Richard de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick

Thomas de Montacute, Earl of Salisbury

William de la Pole, Earl of Suffolk

Lord Talbot

Young John Talbot

Edmund Mortimer

Sir William Glasdale

Sir Thomas Gargrave

Sir John Fastolf

Sir William Lucy

Richard Woodville, Lieutenant of the Tower of London

Mayor of London



A Lawyer of the Temple

A Papal Legate

Keepers, or Jailers, to Mortimer

The French: Charles, Dauphin of France; Rene, Duke of Anjou and titular King of Naples; Margaret, his daughter; Duke of Alencon; Bastard of Orleans; Duke of Burgundy; General of the French garrison at Bordeaux; Governor of Paris; Countess of Auvergne; Master Gunner of Orleans; A Boy, his son; Joan la Pucelle, Joan of Arc; A Shepherd, her father; Porter of the Countess of Auvergne; French Sergeant; French Sentinel; French Soldier; French Scout; Fiends appearing to Joan la Pucelle

Attendant lords; Warder of the tower; English and French Heralds; Soldiers; Courtiers; Messengers; Servants

Scene: England and France

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