Rumor, the Presenter

The Court: King Henry IV; Henry, Prince of Wales; Prince John of Lancaster; Humphrey of Gloucester; Thomas of Clarence

Rebel Camp: Earl of Northumberland; Richard Scroop, Archbishop of York; Lord Mowbray; Lord Hastings; Lord Bardolph; Travers; Morton; Sir John Coleville; Northumberland's wife; Percy's widow (Lady Percy)

King's Party: Earl of Warwick; Earl of Westmorland; Earl of Surrey; Sir John Blunt; Gower; Harcourt; Lord Chief Justice; His Servant

Country soldiers: Ralph Mouldy; Simon Shadow; Thomas Wart; Francis Feeble; Peter Bullcalf; Robert Shallow; Silence; Davy (servant to Shallow); Fang and Snare (two sergeants)

Tavern denizens: Poins; Sir John Falstaff; Bardolph; Pistol; Peto; Falstaff's Page; Hostess Quickly; Doll Tearsheet

A Dancer as Epilogue, Francis and other drawers, Beadle and other officers, Grooms, Porter, Messenger, Soldiers, Lords, Attendants

Scene: England

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