King Edward IV

Sir Thomas Sellinger

John, Lord Howard

Anthony, Lord Scales

Lewis, King of France

Bourbon, Admiral of France

St. Pierre

An English Herald


Charles, Duke of Burgundy

Count St. Pol, the Constable of France

The Lord of Contay

Jane Shore

Matthew Shore

Jockie, servant to Jane

Sir Robert Brackenbury, Constable of the Tower

Vaux, Keeper of the Tower

Harry Stranguidge, a seafarer

Marquis Dorset, son to the Queen of England

Elizabeth, Queen of England

Richard, Duke of Gloucester (later King Richard III)

George, Duke of Clarence

Doctor Shaw

Lord Lovell

Sir William Catesby

Edward, the young Prince of Wales, elder son of King Edward

Richard, the young Duke of York, younger son of King Edward

James Tyrrell

Mistress Blage; Miles Forest; John Dighton; Friar Anselm, a ghost; Master Aire; Master Rufford; Fogge; Jeffrey

The Duke of Buckingham

Anne of Warwick, Richard's future queen (mute)

Soldiers; Servants; Messengers; Apparitors; Officers; Chorus

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